Monday, 12 March 2012

Gary Moore - Nigerian Scammer

Here is an email sent in by a reader to warn all of you about a Nigerian scammer going by the name Gary Moore:
I was once a victim of internet scam.
I recieved a message asking me to add him in FB last sept.2011. He claimed that my name pops up when he does searching. He claimed to be an American man from Long Beach , Ca., the photo used was of a man whom any woman will gonna fall for and that was happened to me. I was at my vulnerable moments when i saw his message. He even call me thru a US number ( 13234120103), he is a good player...after 3 weeks he said he will be going to UK to do business. He claimed that he is an Engineer, a contractor for oilwell, head installation and repair, and claimed to be connected to exxon mobil. He even called when he is in UK(called me with this number: 447045720405), the business failed in Uk so he needs to go to Nigeria, because the products for oil matters are cheaper there......... so many lies which was played well in short he has been asking for help as his credit card not working in warri, delta state, then stolen, i was unsuspecting that he is a scammer because he sounds seems to be real, not only me but even my aunt was also scammed.. because we just want to help a person in need.. i started to noticed that something was wrong when he has been asking me money every 3 weeks, until the time when he said he needs to get back to US soon but he does not have ticket as he only bought one way, i shared the story to my aunt who is very kind, her heart went out with him and tried to wire 15oo USD thru Western Union and her SSN where asked , she gone through a lot of trouble, until an anonymous person from western Union with Nigerian accent called her that trnsfer was cancelled and she has to get back the money anytime no charge and was informed that we might be dealing with a scammer.. thats the start. He didn't recive the money, was so upset i referred him to US embassy in Abuja, He sounds real when he told me that they got him a ticket. sends me a copy as well, but on his transit in UK he was picked up due to tax matters. He has many mishaps, What a very unfortunate person , seems so real... that the time i started reading the advisory from US embassy, I even wrote to the US mission embassy in Abuja , there i realized that he is not real. I searched online according to the pages he wrote in his profile and i found him in one date using profile name luv3333. The photo he used is very attractive, so handsome but he is not real.... I thank your team for giving these info, though i was left with debt and broken heart, Im doing my best to move on, and share my story. I hope it could save others and make them aware that scammers are good players.
This is about scammer gary moore (

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